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Remus BMW F20 & F22 Front Section (M140i & M240i)

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Stainless steel racing front section instead of original front silencer, for the F20 & F21 Hatchback M140i without homologation.


This is a perfect complement to the Remus M140i Rear Exhaust Silencer, and Remus M240i Rear Exhaust Silencer add the rear silencer to make it into a Remus cat-back exhaust system.


The Remus Front Section will also fit with the OEM silencer, but the OEM system may need to be cut to fit the centre silencer.


Please note, from 2018 onward, due to the new Euro 6 regulations the new M140i & M240i comes with the Petrol Particulate Filter (PPF) installed, when installing this Remus front section on vehicles with PPF, an error light will be triggered. Which will require codding to eliminate the error light for Motorsport use. 


  • Aggressive Racing Sound
  • Shot Blasted Surface, 100% Stainless Steel
  • Performance Increase, Low Back Pressure
  • Light Weight Contruction
  • Perfect Shape and Fitment
  • Proudly Handmade in Austria
  • 24 Month Warranty


Stock vs Remus Backbox (Special Thanks to Youtuber, NFoxtv)


Dyno Result on BMW F22 M240i (Uses the same rear silencer)

REMUS BMW F20 F21 B58 REAR SILENCER (M140I) Dyno - ML Performance UK



BMW 2015-2018 1 Series F20 F21 M140i (xDrive)

BMW 2015-2018 2 Series F22 F23 M240i (xDrive)



Two year Remus warranty