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Remus BMW F87 M2 Sound Controller Kit

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This Remus sound controller kit allows you to control of the exhaust valves via an separate remote control instead of using the on board vehicle electronics, so you can be in full control of your exhaust system. Consisting of the electronic module, the OBDII plug, the remote control button, blind plug for original wiring harness as well as the cables.

Optional kit to control the valves via remote control instead of the on board vehicle electronics.

Please note this product comes without homologation!

This is to be used with Remus BMW F87 M2 Cat-Back Exhaust System to control that deep sound Remus exhausts are known for and be in full control of your exhaust system.


  • Aggressive Racing Sound
  • Shot Blasted Surface, 100% Stainless Steel
  • Performance Increase, Low Back Pressure
  • Light Weight Construction
  • Perfect Shape and Fitment
  • Proudly Handmade in Austria
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Without EC Approval


BMW M2 F87 with Remus Cat-back System Video


Dynograph Result for F87 M2

Remus BMW F87 M2 Exhaust Silencer Power Graph ML PERFORMANCE UK



BMW F87 M2 Coupe 2015+ 



Two year Remus warranty